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The most natural way
to get excited with music

The knowledge of the luthiers of Val di Fiemme at the service of acoustic diffusion

There are a right way and a wrong way to listen to your favorite music. What if we told you that everyone in their own homes follows the latter? Only with Opere Sonore the reproduced sound is natural, authentic and deeply moving, as it was live. The difference is given by the transmission medium: not an artificial membrane of vibrating polyamide, as in normal loudspeakers, but a large resonance table, made of the same precious wood selected by Stradivari for his famous violins.

Not surprisingly, Ciresa

The Opere Sonore are handcrafted in our laboratory in Tesero, in Val di Fiemme. In this same space, for decades, our company has been building the soundboards for the most renowned European pianos: almost 200,000 pianos in the world play thanks to soundboards made by Ciresa.

Find out how Ciresa became the world center of soundwood knowledge.

Val di Fiemme

From intuition to the project

Why Opere Sonore?

To listen to music as it is born, by means of the vibration of the wood, without intermediaries in artificial material.
To enjoy a full and perfect sound, anywhere in the room: unlike traditional speakers, our loudspeakers radiate sound in all directions.
To listen, admire and own a unique, customizable work of design, destined to last and enchant for generations.

Stop speakers:
real music
comes from living wood
"Many pursue the dream of perfect sound: with Opere Sonore I have realized the dream of a perfectly natural sound."
Fabio Ognibeni
Opere Sonore creator
Fabio Ognibeni