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The authenticity of music
in your house

There are a right way and a wrong way to listen to your favorite music. What if we told you that everyone in their own homes follows the latter? Only with Opere Sonore the reproduced sound is natural, authentic and deeply moving, as it was live. The difference is given by the transmission medium: not an artificial membrane of vibrating polyamide, as in normal loudspeakers, but a large resonance table, of the same precious wood selected by Stradivari for his famous violins. It is not magic, it is music in its purest form: discover our Opere Sonore.

Home Live Concert

With Opere Sonore we don't just offer listening to music: what we promise is a sensory experience full of natural music.

Thanks to the best resonance wood of our magnificent valley, to the precious knowledge in the field of artisan violin making and to the long experience in processing harmonic wood, we have been able to innovate the world of musical enjoyment. With Opere Sonore we can bring to the homes of true music lovers an authentic, lively, enveloping and evocative sound, which exalts the listener with the finest nuances of him.

Opere Sonore:
Both design works
and loudspeakers

Designed to be positioned in both classic and modern environments, the Opere Sonore amaze both visually and soundly.

These peculiar acoustic speakers expose the wood that plays in all its naturalness, with the soundboard becoming the canvas of a painting, the body of a sculpture. Created in collaboration with skilled designers, they are meant to be positioned on the wall, on the ground, hanging from the ceiling or on other furnishing accessories: for every taste, for every style, for every context there is a perfect Opera Sonora, capable of completing an environment as only a modern work of art could do.

A sound,
visual and tactile experience

Our loudspeakers offer a complete experience:
with Opere Sonore music can be heard, seen and touched.

In fact, it is sufficient to place the fingers on the resonance table to distinctly perceive the vibration of the wooden membrane, and therefore the pulsating and lively music through which these devices are able to diffuse the sound. No magic, no futuristic technology: all this is possible thanks to a deep knowledge of the particularities of the resonance wood, to give each board a precise tonal character and to guarantee a correct distribution of frequencies in the acoustic project of the soundboard itself (thanks to the wise placement of the wooden ribs, called “chains”).

Anatomy of an Opera Sonora

We are now used to reading a strong amazement in the eyes of those who approach the Opere Sonore for the first time.

In fact, when we hear music in a room, our instincts push us to look for a musician or speakers. Those who are face to face with an Opera Sonora are therefore surprised at first, unable to understand that it is precisely that intriguing wooden structure that emits that sound, so full, so exciting.
How is all this possible? We explain it in a few simple words. As anticipated, it is the vibration of the resonant wood table that diffuses the sound, enriching an environment with those same notes that satisfy our ear when we listen to live music. The vibrations are transmitted to the table by a special transducer. This is installed in a precise point of the back side of the table, chosen on the basis of the harmonic project, to then be solicited by a musical source, analogue or digital.
In the case of the Classic line of Opere Sonore we have two soundboards, which can be freely positioned in space, stimulated through the transducer by a fascinating stereo tube amplifier, or by a more modern class D amplifier. In the case of the limited edition Opere Sonore, on the other hand, there is only one monophonic soundboard, which features two different transducers. It is accompanied by a subwoofer made by us in resonance wood, and by a dedicated amplifier designed by us, in Class D, designed to interface with different musical sources.

Speakers that behave
like musical instruments

With Opere Sonore the diffusion of sound is at 360 °, as happens with a piano or a violin.

As is known, with normal audio systems it is necessary to establish a precise triangulation between the diffusion points and the listening point. Our natural loudspeakers, on the other hand, radiate sound in all directions, just like the soundboards of pianos, violins, guitars, harps and so on. The arrangement of the Opere Sonore in the room can thus be freely chosen according to your interior design needs. This way, every place in the room will represent a magnificent listening point, giving everyone deep emotions.