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the world center of knowledge
on the tonewood

All the Opere Sonore bear the Ciresa signature, the same signature that is present on the soundboards of thousands of pianos and other musical instruments in the world: here in Tesero the wood has been playing for a long, very long time.

The company was founded in 1952 by Enrico Ciresa, and has been involved for years in the production of reed harmonium, known and appreciated all over the world; in the seventies, given the decline of the harmonium market caused by the advent of electronics, the Ciresa laboratory began to make soundboards for pianos. This activity, shortly after the death of the founder in 1991 and with the takeover of the second family generation, became the central one: to date about two hundred thousand pianos in the world play through resonance wood expertly and patiently worked here, in our laboratory. Chosen by leading brands such as Fazioli and Bechstein, Fester, as well as for the construction of the famous Salvi concert harps, Ciresa soundboards appear among the great excellences of Made in Italy.

The sounding wood
of Val di Fiemme:
today as in the past,
unique and refined

A center of knowledge like Ciresa did not develop by chance here, in Val di Fiemme.

In the Magnifica Comunità di Fiemme, thanks to the particular growing conditions, it is possible to find rare resonant spruce trees, and therefore trunks whose wood can stand out above all others for its exceptional acoustic properties. Just as Antonio Stradivari, who crossed our shady woods to personally choose the trunks from which he would have made his famous violins, so too, thanks to a knowledge handed down from generation to generation, we select the best and rare fir trees from year to year. resonant reds, centenarians and unique in the world.

Luthiers from all over the world know the peculiarities of the resonance wood selected, dried and processed by our company: for this reason our company hosts skilled artisans almost daily in search of the most promising tables for violin making, from which to start lovingly build violins, violas, cellos, double basses, guitars, mandolins, lutes and so on. It is also thanks to the ten-year dialogue with the master luthiers that we have gathered the necessary experience to build new and at the same time ancient loudspeakers as are the Opere Sonore.

The soundboard,
the wood that plays

Each stringed musical instrument, from violin to piano, consists of a soundboard.

It is a thin wooden membrane that has the function of transforming the vibrations produced by the rope into sound waves, which are then transmitted by the air into the environment.

And if it plays in a musical instrument, why shouldn’t it also play in an acoustic speaker? This is the question that Fabio Ognibeni, CEO of Ciresa, asked himself just before conceiving the Opere Sonore. With them we have decided to put all our knowledge in the construction of musical instruments and soundboards at the service of acoustic diffusion: even those who cannot play today can thus listen to the music played by Stradivari wood every day, simply by pushing a button.

Thanks to these speakers, once again,
from the vibration of the wood
that infinite set of emotions we call music can be born
in an authentic and natural way.